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Domestic & General (D&G) is Europe and Australia’s leading specialist provider of Extended Service Plans, keeping customer’s worlds’ running for over 100 years of excellent service.

D&G has been at the forefront of warranties as subscription services for nearly two decades; increasing the revenue, retention, and customer satisfaction of over 170 prominent partners in the retail, OEM and financial services sectors.

Our products are built with accessible, high-use claims features, offered throughout the customer ownership lifecycle; building long-term, loyal relationships between our clients’ and their customers.

Now in 1 in 3 homes in the United Kingdom and operating in 13 markets with 23 Million plans, D&G will enter the United States in 2021 to innovate and disrupt the warranty market, as it has done throughout Europe.

We are a specialist in a world of generalists. www.domesticandgeneral.com.

Marsh is the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor. With over 45,000 colleagues operating in 130 countries, Marsh serves commercial and individual clients with data-driven risk solutions and advisory services.

As the only major broker in the US with a dedicated, in-house team specializing in protection plans and ancillary service products, Marsh Warranty Practice is uniquely qualified to help clients create or optimize their extended warranty portfolios. Utilizing more than 130 years of combined warranty industry experience, we foster executive level, as well as team level relationships with all major insurers and administrators in the industry, with the added benefit of providing global support through local Marsh resources around the world. We provide leading solutions and insights to clients across various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, communication/media/technology, retail, financial institutions, education, life sciences, hospitality, and more.

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Imagine you had the data to make better warranty decisions. VectorSolv makes data actionable by leveraging disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML) and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Connectivity has opened the door to an array of new business models. Warranties need not be limited to 1- or 2-dimensionality like time and use; it can be multi-dimensional, customizable, and dynamic - warranty-by-design. Warranties and extended warranties can be use-based and performance-based. The entire warranty value proposition can be redefined.

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Ironwood Warranty Group provides comprehensive support enabling them to insure and administer a service program tailored to their customers’ needs.

National Service Alliance is a complete warranty fulfillment solution for OEMs, retailers, home warranty companies and extended warranty companies. NSA provides all back-office services so that you can focus on what you do best - selling. National Service Alliance's industry-leading platform simplifies service administration and orchestrates positive service experiences so that your customers remain loyal to your brand and purchase your services over and over again.

A full-service law firm with more than 500 attorneys in multiple states, Frost Brown Todd offers that rare blend of local market knowledge and world-class problem solving.

Managing the regulatory and business aspects of extended warranty programs are as important today as they’ve ever been. Recognizing this, we see to it our clients have recourse to informed, practical advice regarding critical aspects of extended warranty programs, including program structure, contract terms and marketing methods, as well regulatory, licensing, and disclosure requirements. In addition to representing third-party plan providers and administrators, we counsel both emerging businesses and Fortune 500/1000 companies, including product manufacturers, retailers, service providers and platform developers.

Whether we’re crafting deals or compliance solutions that are above reproach, we’re driven to exceed expectations and deliver value by working creatively, meticulously and passionately.

Formed in 1953, Encompass is one of the country’s largest suppliers of repair parts and accessories for products throughout the home. Encompass also offers complete parts supply chain management, 3PL, depot repair and reverse logistics service. In addition to consumers, we support an array of B2B customers, including manufacturers, multi-family property management, warranty providers, service networks, independent dealers and retailers.

PCMI Corporation offers a modular package of software solutions for the administration of F&I Products, Service Contracts, and Extended Warranties. Our cloud-based platform, Policy Claim and Reporting Solutions™ (PCRS), supports and automates the full lifecycle of all aftermarket products.

Our advanced knowledge of the industry allows us to provide the fastest and most flexible environment for administrators, insurers, OEM’s, agents, and dealers to launch new products. Our team of 95+ individuals with a global presence in the U.S., Europe, and Asia enables continuous around-the-clock innovation, customer-focused support, and quick speed to market.

Locke Lord’s insurance and reinsurance practice advises insurance industry clients across a broad spectrum, including in insurance and reinsurance regulation, blockchain, electronic commerce, payment systems, fund formation, private equity and venture capital, data privacy and security, intellectual property protection, artificial intelligence and other technologies. We couple our 100-plus years of experience serving insurance clients around the United States and the world with representation of companies with cutting edge, technological innovation that are revolutionizing the industry.

Centris, a trusted leader in Contact Center solutions, leverages over two decades of industry expertise to deliver unparalleled service. Our nearshore business model ensures cost savings of up to 40% compared to U.S.-based contact centers while maintaining exceptional quality. Notably, our accent-neutral English support and cultural acumen set us apart. We specialize in comprehensive Warranty Support Services, covering claims intake and filing, product troubleshooting, policy support, dispatch, and order fulfillment.

At Centris, data security is paramount. We are proud to be SOC2, PCI, and HIPAA compliant, ensuring the utmost protection of sensitive information for our customers. Moreover, we integrate cutting-edge AI technology to enhance customer service delivery, streamlining processes and providing personalized experiences. As a family-owned, U.S.-based company dedicated to excellence, Centris offers round-the-clock, bilingual support, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with every interaction.

Truepic Vision is the virtual inspection platform revolutionizing the warranty and extended service contract industry. We give you the ability to eliminate fraudulent claims through 100% authentic photos and videos proving the work being done under your contracts is legitimate. Additionally, we provide our clients an intuitive web portal where every claim with pictures and metadata is housed, requiring zero tech lift by you.


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Women of Warranty came about as an idea of how, as a community of warranty and services industry leaders, influencers and supporters we can see and amplify more opportunities in our space.

Our goal is simple, to bring more people together to help inform, educate, mentor and collaborate with others in the services and warranty industry.

Through interviews and stories from other professionals, networking events, industry news and idea sharing, we want to provide you with a way to connect with a diverse group of professionals and build meaningful relationships that benefit the industry as a whole.


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