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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Networking Continental Breakfast

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Co-Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Drew Arnum,Editor-in-Chief,Warranty Week

Tim Meenan,Managing Partner,Meenan P.A.


Maintaining Market Share, Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention in an Era of Global Market Disruptions, Delays, and Labor Shortages

In 2021, the US manufactured $721 billion in motor vehicles and parts while importing $160 Billion in automotive parts; the latter setting an all-time parts import record. How has increased reliance of oversees procurement and logistic delays impacted the servicing of Customers and what does the road ahead have in store? In this session, we will discuss the impact of market / industry globalization on the supply chain and how can we overcome the impact from pandemic, political unrest, material shortages and labour costs to deliver customer value.

Michael Huff,President,Nissan Global Reinsurance, Ltd.


Panel Discussion: Expanding and Retaining Market Share – Competitive Tools and Strategies


Mark Nagelvoort, CEO,PCMI


Taj Mian,Senior Vice President, Business Development,Domestic & General LLC

Kevin Roney, Business Development, Extended Service Plans,Whirlpool

Jeremy Kuchenbecker, Vice President - Enterprise Digital Strategy,APCO Holdings

Sanja H.Abdic, VP of Client Management,Marsh


Innovative Business Models Offering Multiple Payment Methods: Delivering Value Deep into the Machine Lifecycle

This session will cover our journey through various business models that allow customers to pay through multiple methods. We desire to meet customers where they are and create solutions that align our economics with the betterment of our customers’ business.  Through these solutions, we reduce aftermarket leakage while ensuring John Deere offers a deep customer experience across the lifecycle.

Kolby RathManager, Aftermarket Portfolio Deere & Company


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Industry News Flash: Auto

Eric ArnumPublisher,Warranty Week


Leveraging Service Occurrences to Create Life-Long Revenue Opportunities

Maintaining the satisfaction of your current customers and leveraging them as a promoter of your business is critical to growth. In this session, I will discuss how GE Appliances is launching white glove service experiences. Leveraging technology to personalize every touch point, we have increased our customer Net Promoter Score while creating opportunities to add or sell new products and services when and where our customer needs.

Eric Johnson, Director, Advanced Service Operations, GE Appliances, a Hair Company


2023 Legislative Roundup

This session will focus on recent legislative changes and trends at both the state and federal level.  An overview of service contract regulation will be provided and lead into a discussion of specific issues.  Topics will include problematic state legislation, recent FTC activity, and what to look out for.  We will discuss new laws passed in 2023 as well as what to anticipate in 2024.

Travis MooreGeneral Counsel,Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC)


Service Network Trends and Techniques to Improve Efficiency Within an Ever-Changing Landscape

This presentation will evaluate changing trends in Appliance, HVAC, Plumbing and Other Trades along with technology and other recent trends to adapt and improve service efficiency.

  • Service Capacity Trends
  • Alternative Servicing Methods
  • Technology Solutions
  • Service Cost Trends
  • Quality Measurements Trends

Jim Mostofi, Chief Executive Officer, Rely Home


Networking Lunch

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Industry-Specific Roundtable Discussion Groups

Join one of these small group, highly interactive discussions to get your questions answered on the spot, generate innovative ideas and hear from your industry colleagues.

A. Auto

Group Leader:

Todd Cote General Manager, VPP Toyota Financial Services

B. Electronics & Mobile

Group Leader:

Benjamin Cohen Lead Counsel, Connected Living Regulatory AffairsAssurant

C. Home & Appliance

Group Leaders:

Rodney Martin, Chief Executive Officer,America’s Preferred Home Warranty

Eric Johnson, Director, Advanced Service Operations,GE Appliances, a Hair Company

D. Other Special Markets

Group Leader:

Brian T. Casey Partner and Co-Chair Regulatory & Transactions Insurance Group Locke Lord LLP


Industry News Flash: Mobile/Electronic

Eric Arnum, Publisher, Warranty Week


Q&A Discussion: Creating Radically Innovative Customer Value Through Emerging Technology (AI/ML, IoT, AR/VR, and others)

Kippy MacNulty,Vice President Business Development, Marcone

Dr. Mark R. Hatch,Industry Expert and Author,


Networking Refreshment Break


Subscription Model Legal Considerations for Service Contracts

This session will look at state service contract regulatory issues that impact how and whether month to month service contracts may be offered covering automobile, home and consumer goods service contracts.  Reserving, cancellation, contract issuance, and other issues are impacted.   New attacks on automatically renewing contracts at both the state and, more recently, the Federal Trade Commission, are placing roadblocks in front of this important consumer choice.

Tim Meenan,Managing Partner,Meenan P.A.


General Counsel Roundtable: What Industry Leaders are Doing to Ensure Compliance


Brian T. Casey, Partner and Co-Chair Regulatory & Transactions Insurance Group, Locke Lord LLP


Automotive Sector:

Matthew Weil, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, American Guardian Warranty Services, a Reynolds & Reynolds Company

Consumer Electronics Sector:

Benjamin Cohen,Lead Counsel, Connected Living Regulatory Affairs, Assurant

Home Warranty Sector:

Brian S. Tretter,General Counsel, Rely Home


Exclusive Research Results: Product Protection – Predictions and Analysis

This session will encapsulate the results of a research project to identify fundamental truths and new trends in the protection product industry. We’ll provide predictions and analysis from industry experts both in and out of the industry in the hope that it will assist you in guiding the path of your business.

Scott Sherrod, Founder, Warranty Design

5:40 – 6:40

Networking Reception

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Networking Continental Breakfast


Co-Chairperson’s Remarks

Drew Arnum, Editor-in-Chief, Warranty Week

Tim Meenan,Managing Partner,Meenan P.A.


Panel Discussion: Globalization of Extended Warranties and Service Contracts – Expanding Internationally


Dan Tafel,Vice President, Sales & Marketing,Ironwood Warranty Group


Christopher Costin,Senior Director, Global Business Development, Warranty & Service Programs,AIG

Clayton Bodnarek,EVP – Alternative Distribution, Bolt Solutions


Embracing AI for Competitive Advantage

Artificial intelligence technologies are growing at an exponential pace and impacting all industries. 35% of businesses state they use AI in their operations, and many are expecting to adopt it in the coming years. However, between 60%-80% of AI projects fail. Why and how can AI be realistically implemented to deliver quantifiable outcomes for competitive advantage?

Aleem Lakhani,CEO,VectorSolv Inc.


Talent Management and Recruiting: Strategies to Overcome Labor Shortages & Diversity Challenges and the Impact of an Aging Workforce

Finding great talent in any industry can indeed be challenging, and the warranty and services sector is no exception. The lack of diversity, supply of labor in the trade and the aging workforce further compound the difficulties faced in talent acquisition and succession planning. However, there are several strategies that organizations can consider to address these challenges,

Angie Breedlove, Executive Director, Women of Warranty; Co-Founder and CRO,
Xcelerator Group


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Industry News Flash: Home/Appliance

Eric Arnum,Publisher,Warranty Week


Accessing the Right Data at the Right Time to Create Competitive Product and Deliver Exceptional Customer Value

Matt Parsons, Chief Revenue Officer,Registria

Eric Becker, Senior Manager, Extended Service Plans, Whirlpool


Harnessing AI to Maximize Your IoT Investment to Increase Sales, Reduce Costs and Improve Quality – Case Study Examples

AI is all over the headlines, but what is it and how can you harness it to improve your business? This presentation will focus on real-world applications of AI to maximize the value of customer, process, and product data.  Case studies will illustrate how companies are already using AI to increase sales, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

David Froning,Portfolio Manager of IOT Solutions,SAS


Lifetime Warranty: The Business Case – It’s More Than Just Math, But the Math Works Too!

Lifetime Warranty, what’s all the hype? Most TPA’s offer a LTW. Most OEM’s have not bought in. What’s the value proposition? Aren’t dealers giving away coverage they could sell? Does it really cannibalize VSC Revenue? Or do LTWs grow customer loyalty, service retention and a greater opportunity to sell VSC WRAPs?

Doug Bell, Service Contract Consulting,Doug Bell & Associates


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