Module #1
Tuesday, October 13, 2020: 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET
Marketing, Sales & New Product Development – Differentiation Strategies in an Increasingly Competitive Market

Introduction & Welcome


Kenneth J. Mac,Director, Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac Protection,GM Customer Care & Aftersales


Growing your Extended Warranty and Service Contract Business During COVID-19: Focus on Maximum Customer Value

There are multiple challenges that Extended Warranty and Service Contract industry encountered in these unprecedented times of a global pandemic including inability to travel, social distancing, low equipment utilization, reduced cash flow of our customers. How can we tackle some of these issues by using our existing resources and creating new and innovative ways to find and retain customers? This presentation will illustrate some tactics that allow to achieve more with less

  • Re-allocate your resources.
  • Transform Field Rep role to Inside Sales Rep role and understand the difference.
  • Generate meaningful customer touchpoints -- not cold-calling, but renewals or extensions of current policies.
  • Explore flexible payment structures.
  • Change Service Contract with equal monthly installments to installments per hours/miles of use.
  • Keep customer interested: Loyal customer rewards programs that retain customers in-network.

Alex Tumanov, Regional Distribution Manager, Energy and Transportation – North America,Caterpillar Financial Insurance Services


Panel Discussion: Responding to the Shift to Digital Buying – Marketing and Product Differentiation Strategies

This year’s response to COVID-19 has dramatically increased the speed with which the consuming public has adopted online shopping, forcing traditional brick-and-mortar companies to have an immediate response. In this session, the panelists will discuss how online shopping trends have changed their industries, have affected their ability to differentiate products, and have had potential implications for sales of extended warranty products.


Tiffany Cannon,Director of Marketing,GSFSGroup


Darius Bullock,Senior Business Manager -Extended Service Agreements,Electrolux North America

Patrick Scheen,CEO,Accentf(x) Marketing


The Shift in How Consumers View Risk and How to Prepare for It Now and Post Pandemic

  • Find out how consumers perceive risk today
  • Get tools and strategies to evaluate individual consumer risk profiles
  • Evaluate and prepare for how consumer risk perception has changed pre- during- and post-pandemic
  • Employ new training methodologies to offer protection plans in the new “normal” world

Chad Burris,Product Protection Program Manager,Nationwide Marketing Group


Industry News Flash: Automotive

Eric Arnum,Editor,Warranty Week


Alternative Revenue Streams in a Pandemic

  • What has really changed during the Pandemic?
  • What additional opportunities exist because of the Pandemic? Will these opportunities last? Or have these opportunities always existed and we're just looking at them differently?
  • How can I know more of my end user customers?
  • How do I stay relevant and increase LTV and loyalty?
  • Channel strategies for accessories, consumables, service, additional product sales, etc.

Paul Swenson,EVP Business Development,After Inc


Case Study: How Machine Connectivity/Telematics Augments Both the Extended Warranty & Aftermarket Businesses

Hear how John Deere’s unique in house model comprised of Machine Connectivity and Captive Insurance Boosts repeat business by 30% and aftermarket sales by 20%. Learn how telematics and data from claims and the captive is used to evaluate and forecast the extended warranty business to build tailored offerings to enhance customer experience in both extended warranty and aftermarket businesses for the Ag & Turf Division.

Kolby Rath,Aftermarket Services Portfolio Manager,John Deere


What Makes Loyalty Happen?

In this session we will explore the shift in viewing Extended Service Plans from a single-point income generator to a best in class loyalty vehicle with multiple revenue streams. As big brands continue to develop subscription-based services with consumers, we look at what it takes to execute this to maximum effect. The transition is not just a change in strategy, it’s a step-change in culture and behavior.

By the end of this session, you will see how multiple functions need to align to create the ingredients for enhanced loyalty to be achieved – from product construction, to developing systems and processes that offer consumer choice and control, through to superb customer experience. If you’re involved in a Warranty program that only works if its bought and forgotten about, you’re missing the significant financial and customer benefits loyalty-models bring.

Taj Mian, Business Development Director, Domestic & General LLC


Close of Module 1

LUNCHEON Roundtable Module #2
Tuesday, October 13, 2020: 1-2 p.m. ET

The Industry-specific Idea Exchange Roundtables, back by popular demand, are designed to promote expertise-sharing from all participants. There is no set agenda. So bring your questions and experiences! Choose from 5 industry-specific roundtables, or jump between them if you so desire. Get your specific questions answered on the spot or share your ideas at these roundtables which focus on your specific industry’s unique opportunities and challenges.

Luncheon Industry-Specific Roundtable Discussion Groups

A. Mobile

Group Leader: Lindsey Mannix,Senior Manager,Samsung Electronics America

B. Electronics

Michelle Esgar,Group Manager, Brand Experience,Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company

C. Auto

Kenneth J. Mac, Director,Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac Protection,GM Customer Care & Aftersales

D. Home/Appliance

Group Leader: Darius Bullock,Senior Business Manager -Extended Service Agreements,Electrolux North America

E. Other Special Markets

Group Leader: Chad Burris,Product Protection Program Manager,Nationwide Marketing Group

Module #3
Tuesday, October 13, 2020: 2:10 pm. – 4:30 p.m. ET


Lindsey Mannix,Senior Manager,Samsung Electronics America

Game Changing Technology Innovations – Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience

A Better Way of Building Products: How to Effectively Launch a Killer Service Contract Program In this Remote/Webex World

This session will provide a step-by-step guide on how to create an environment of creativity, mobilize a team within a large (or smaller, resource-strapped) organization and launch a killer service contract program.

  • How to start and hold a brainstorm session remotely
  • Roles of team members within the organization
  • The Scrum framework

Lindsey Mannix,Senior Manager,Samsung Electronics America


Ride Hailing & Autonomous Vehicles – Impact on Auto Service Contracts

This thought-provoking session will take a deep dive into ride sharing and autonomous vehicles to better understand product development efforts and the potential growth for these markets.

  • Impact of COVID19 on both these emerging growth spaces
  • Puts & Calls of Ride Hailing Service Contracts for purchased vehicles with high utilization rates
  • High tech AV/BEV componentry vs. traditional vehicles/mechanical breakdowns in vehicle service contracts

Kenneth J. Mac, Director,Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac Protection,GM Customer Care & Aftersales


Panel Discussion: Migration to Subscription Services


Ashok KarthamCEOM-ize

Lindsey Mannix Senior ManagerSamsung Electronics America

Taj Mian Business Development DirectorDomestic & General LLC


Industry News Flash: Mobile/Electronics

Eric Arnum, Editor,Warranty Week


AI in the Connected World

Within 5 years there will be over 75 billion connected devices collecting 180 Zettabytes of data. We have more data on product performance, customer usage, location, and operating conditions than ever before. But what good is it? Instrumenting devices and collecting massive volumes of data is an expensive undertaking. But where is the value? Leading manufacturers have found the value. They’re pushing analytics from the cloud to the edge and using machine learning and artificial intelligence to sense, understand, and act.

This presentation will highlight real-world examples of manufacturers reducing warranty costs, improving uptime, maximizing yield, and creating new business models in the age of the Internet of Things.

  • How harnessing IoT data can reduce warranty costs & improve uptime.
  • Specific Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning approaches that turn IoT data into value.
  • How edge processing and real-time analytics can reduce data flow, while predicting and avoiding warranty claims.
  • Practical examples of implementing these techniques in the real-world.

David Froning, Portfolio Manager of IOT Solutions,SAS


Warranty Gets Strategic: Increasing the Business Impact of Warranty on the Service Lifecycle

Standard and extended warranties no longer fit the needs of the marketplace. The industry is moving towards outcome-based warranties and service contracts. And that shift requires a new way of thinking about equipment, its uptime, and use patterns from each customer. Data and deep understanding of the machine’s use is needed for a successful outcome-based system. Warranty provides a goldmine of data and product knowledge that can be tapped to improve business performance for you and your customers. This session will explore how organizations that mine and analyze warranty data can:

  • Help customers increase their operational capabilities on site
  • Reduce warranty and service costs
  • Drive product and service innovation

Edwin Pahk,VP of Product Marketing and Business Development,Aquant

Rich Smith,Vice President, Product & Services,Komatsu America Corp.


Thriving in a World of On-Demand Customer Expectations

Until recently, the driving force for technology decisions has simply been optimizing operations to reduce cost. In this era of digitally empowered consumers, consumer expectations have increased dramatically. Other industries have set a high bar for personalization, convenience, and consistent online and offline experiences that the extended warranty and service contract industry has been slow to adapt to, and struggled to address, let alone exceed.

Join Sean Hicks from New Leaf and Jason Kuhn of CSG as they discuss how to align your technology to optimize operations and deliver the loyalty-winning experiences today’s consumers demand.

  • Examine key CX best practices implemented in other industries to help you own the customer
  • Reveal the risks of remaining in an ops-only mindset
  • View your tech stack through the lens of CX – highlighting critical new capabilities to choose future-proof solutions
    • Your customers are demanding better CX
    • The warranty industry is behind, putting it at risk
    • Learn how to provide the experiences your customers want and gain their loyalty

Sean Hicks,CEO, New Leaf Service Contracts Inc.

Jason Kuhn,Executive Director, CSG


Close of Module #3

Module #4
Wednesday, October 14, 2020: 10 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET

Opening Remarks

Dawn Taylor,President, Centricity


Harnessing AI & Machine Learning to Augment Self Help Call Scheduling Programs and Enhancing Ownership Experience

Reducing truck rolls is critical to operation success of every service organization. Eliminating the need for a truck roll while providing a solution that leaves your customer delighted is how you separate your organization from the competition. This session will review how GE Appliances has incorporated technology into our call scheduling process that addresses our owners’ issues without a visit from a technician.

  • Utilzing data on hand to predict issues and successful resolution
  • Minimizing handle time by simplifying decision trees
  • Addressing customer education using virtual tools

Eric Johnson,Director, Advanced Service Operations, GE Appliances


The Entrepreneurial Potential of Extended Warranty and Service Contract Data to Enable IoT (Internet of Things) Services

The data we collect is designed to meet our internal requirements for claims processing, risk management, product optimization, pricing, etc.. But what if we looked at our data through the lens of an entrepreneur or a start-up. Does our data have value to generate a new service, could it be aggregated with other data sources to create something new or optimize an existing product? With the backdrop of the automotive service industry this presentation will provide multiple use cases of how extended warranty and service contract data aligns with the overall data landscape and how it can be leveraged to develop new products & services. It will discuss how firms who may not have the current capabilities to develop IoT based products and services can leverage their data and receive positive and profitable results.

David H. Williams, Director of Automotive Original Equipment Service Group, DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc.


How Home Services is Moving Forward in the Age of Covid-19 – Augmented Reality and More!

As more homeowners stay indoors than ever before during this period of shelter in place, the home service industry has had to transform to deliver essential services and keep businesses running. Brett Worthington, the SVP of Business Development at Frontdoor, discusses the technological innovations that Frontdoor has seen in the wake of the pandemic, the trends he expects to see as we all continue to move forward, and how home service providers can evolve and succeed for the long-term.

  • How Frontdoor leverages technology to provide innovative home service solutions
  • Key technology trends in delivering essential services
  • Predictions for how home services will be moving forward

Brett WorthingtonSenior Vice President, Business Development, Frontdoor Home

Enhancing the Customer Experience & Increasing Engagement

Consumer Trends in 10

Dawn Taylor President, Centricity


Panel Discussion: Value-add Service Contract Benefits to Enhance Consumer Ownership Experience

Consumers want more from the companies they buy from – especially service plans. Dated plans offering dated benefits can have a negative reflection on brands. Today’s consumers desire personalized care and value-add services which enhance their ownership experience. The panel experts will discuss what consumers want from service contracts and how consumer-oriented benefits can drive greater attachment rates, build trust and higher customer satisfaction.


Alison Parr, SVP Consumer Durables and Electronics, Registria


Michelle EsgarGroup Manager, Brand Experience, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company

Steve GusaDirector Product Acquisition,Duke Energy

Frank McMillanPresident and CEO, Ensure Protect


Industry News Flash: Home/Appliance

Eric ArnumEditor, Warranty Week

Luncheon Workshop Module #5
Wednesday, October 14, 2020: 1:00-1:50

Join this hands-on deep dive workshop to get your questions answered on the spot. Gain insights into solving your challenges from the extensive experience of our workshop leader.

Workshop: Sales and Marketing Strategies Designed for Today and Post-Pandemic – Capitalizing on Emerging Trends In this workshop we’ll examine sales and marketing trends since the beginning of the pandemic and discuss strategies to address the changing landscape:

  • The world has gone digital
  • Building your brand
  • Digital marketing opportunities
    • Sales emails versus marketing emails
    • Webinars
  • Client events in the new world
  • Increasing online content

Dan Hulkower,SVP, After, Inc.

Module #6
October 14, 2020: 2:00 p.m. – 4:20 p.m.

Chairperson’s Remarks

Timothy J. Meenan,Managing Partner, Meenan P.A.; General Counsel and Executive Director,SCIC (Service Contract Industry Council)

Going Global – Who’s Doing What & Where – Worldwide View

The International Extended Warranty – Developing a Global Program

The extended warranty market outside of the U.S. has some well established countries along with others that are in the early stages of development. This session will discuss the advantages of developing a global program including a high level design framework and the benefits of centralized management. There are significant local differences that will be discussed. Regions of focus include Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, China, Japan and the Middle East.

  • Benefits of a centralized management structure
    • Global strategy and steering
    • Commitment to action
    • Brand control
    • Underwriting skills
    • Retaining of risk
    • Administrative guidance
    • Sales leadership
  • Overview of the Nissan structure

Michael Huff,President, Nissan Global Reinsurance, Ltd.

Gregory Myers,Executive Managing Director, Beecher Carlson


Industry News Flash: People News

Eric Arnum,Editor,Warranty Week

Risk & Insurance

Exploring Finance & Insurance: Managing Risk and Liabilities

This discussion will focus on the needs for insurance to meet regulatory requirements for extended warranty programs and the potential for insurance to provide aggregate protection and/or to fully transfer the liability obligations. An outline is as follows:

  • Regulatory requirements
    • Obligor using reinsurance
    • Obligor using surety policy
  • Efficient structures with captive insurance companies
    • Obligor – corporate owned captive
    • Dealer owned captive
  • Risk transfer alternatives
    • Full risk transfer
    • Aggregate protection
    • Excess of loss protection

    Gregory Myers,Executive Managing Director,Beecher Carlson

    Mark Bardusch,Extended Service Business General Manager,Ford


Leveraging Portable Electronics Insurance to Expand Your Service Contract Offerings

Join us for an overview of Portable Electronics Insurance (PEI) and how to leverage it to expand your home, vehicle and consumer product coverages. PEI offers a little known and understood exemption from insurance producer licensing requirements. This presents an opportunity for companies to expand offerings and coverages associated with existing home, auto and consumer product service contract programs within its existing sales force/channels.

Jesse Wilson,Managing Associate,Frost Brown Todd LLC

Ellis Wilder, Senior Associate,Frost Brown Todd LLC

Matthew R. Wagner, Associate,Frost Brown Todd LLC

Legal & Regulatory

Navigating Ever-Changing Data Privacy and Security Laws Applicable to the Extended Warranty and Service Contract Business

This session will address the myriad of privacy and data security and related laws affecting service contract providers and their distribution partners. These laws include the California Consumer Privacy Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, NY Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulation and NAIC Data Security Model Act as well as telemarketing and data broker laws. In today’s world, compliance with these laws requires strong collaboration among both legal/compliance and technology information systems teams in a dynamic environment.

Brian T. Casey, Esq.,Partner, Co-Chair of Regulatory & Transactional Insurance Practice Group,Locke Lord LLP


State, Federal, and Litigation Issues Facing the Service Contract Industry

Many states amended laws affecting auto, home and consumer service contracts this year, notwithstanding the general government slowdown resulting from the Covid 19 crises. The Federal Government continues to move forward with issues affecting the protection products industry through action at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Presidential election will determine the direction and activity level of the agency for the next 4 or 8 years. Litigation is affecting the industry in state and federal court. This action packed seminar will review these current developments at the Federal and State level, and will look around the corner at what may be coming as we finish out 2020 and enter 2021.

Timothy J. Meenan,Managing Partner, Meenan P.A.; General Counsel and Executive Director,SCIC (Service Contract Industry Council)


Close of Main Conference

Module #7
Thursday, October 15, 2020 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ET
Service & Support Track

Welcome and Introduction


Eric Ness,B2B Service Product Strategy,Samsung Electronics America, Inc.


Service as a Differentiator - Competency Development

Whirlpool will be presenting strategies on how to be effective in Field Service and meet consumer expectations in today's competitive marketplace. Topics included are critical to navigate successfully through uncertain and challenging times and include specific focus on behaviors, and both strategic and technical competence. Technicians with these foundational skill sets are better prepared to battle through any obstacles and provide an extraordinary experience while in consumers' homes.

  • Whirlpool Service Strategy
  • How technical and behavioral competencies can win the customer experience battleground
  • How to engage and participate in Whirlpool’s Competency Development Training

Christina (Chrissy) German,Senior Manager, Competency Development,Whirlpool Corporation

Matt Ganus,Senior Manager, Field Service,Whirlpool Corporation


Emerging Registration Technologies

  • Learn how the industry is moving to easier methods of registration
    • Mobile Broadband
    • Cloud Computing
    • AI
      • Biometrics – what is it?
      • How has image recognition changed the playing field?
      • Future Product Registration Solutions

      Dan Hulkower,SVP,After, Inc.


Claims Management -- What does a Service Department Want? What does a Customer Want?

Mark Bardusch,Extended Service Business General Manager,Ford


Reduce Warranty Support Costs through Better Technician Enablement

Warranty Service Providers are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality of service and professionalism as possible. These attributes are critical to repeat business and high customer satisfaction.

To achieve these goals, Service Administrators must implement solutions that enable authorized service technicians to achieve a high first-time fix rate by providing them with the right tools to optimize job site performance.

During this presentation, we will discuss new technologies and processes that enable Service Administrators, their Independent Service Provider partners, and Parts Distributors to improve first time fix rate while reducing warranty support costs through better knowledge management, parts visibility and service consistency.

  • Increase first call completes through improved knowledge and parts accessibility
  • Identify recommended parts and knowledge assets to complete a Service Order
  • Implement easy to search catalog to identify the right parts
Providing technicians with the right mix of digital tools, delivered on their mobile devices, empowers field technicians to become trusted advisors, providing access to critical information, improving customer service and loyalty. The challenge will be to make sure the tool set you embrace for your technicians is not more complicated, confusing, or overwhelming for your them.

Jim Rushton,VP & GM B2C Service Solutions, M-ize


Close of Module #7

Module #8
Thursday, October 15 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. ET
Continued: Service & Support Track

Build vs. Buy – Everything You Need to Know About Creating A Service Contract Program

There are many things you need to consider when deciding to build out a service contract program. This session will review many of the critical pieces needed and the implications to your company. By understanding the required pieces and risks associated, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether to build or buy (or a combination of both). Topics of conversation will include:

  • Underwriting
  • Compliance
  • Administration
  • Service Delivery
  • And more!

Christopher Penn,VP of Client Services,Centricity


How Streem is Harnessing Augmented Reality (AR), Computer Vision and Machine learning To Provide Remote Expertise

The challenges of Covid-19 and shelter in place have accelerated the need for remote expertise and engagement. This session by Streem Co-Founder and General Manager Ryan Fink addresses the services enabled by Streem’s artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) platform and use cases, how Frontdoor is applying the technology to its home service customers for personalized, predictive, and proactive offerings, and how businesses can leverage A.I. to connect customers and service professionals to expand revenue opportunities across channels.

  • How A.I. can help improve the customer experience, help businesses operate more efficiently and keep homeowners and service providers safe
  • How to leverage existing SDKs to create unique and powerful brand applications across a variety of industries
  • How Frontdoor accelerated the launch of Streem to support its own community of service providers
  • Understanding how A.I. can expand revenue opportunities across channels

Ryan Fink,Co-founder,Streem


The Power of Service & Repair Depots

Service & Repair Depots offer advantages to security, costs, quality, and flexibility. As an important part of the growth in mobile technology, depots have a new importance in reducing in-person and face to face interaction in 2020 and beyond. Learn how service depots across the U.S. are stepping up during the increase in volume and need for efficient, quality low-contact repair.

Josh Lake,Vice President, Sales & Marketing,Relectro


Close of Service & Support Track

Module #9
Thursday, October 15, 2020 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ET
Business to Business Commercial Service Contracts Track

Welcome & Introduction


Ron Giuntini,President,Giuntini & Company


Trends in 10: The B2B Commercial Service Contract Landscape

Ron Giuntini,President,Giuntini & Company


Growing your Extended Warranty and Service Contract Business During COVID-19: Focus on Effective Resource Allocation

There are multiple challenges that Extended Warranty and Service Contract industry encountered in these unprecedented times of a global pandemic including inability to travel, social distancing, low equipment utilization, reduced cash flow of our customers. How can we tackle some of these issues by using our existing resources and creating new and innovative ways to find and retain customers? This presentation will illustrate some tactics that allow to achieve more with less

  • Understand your customer’s time spend. People are not traveling but sitting at a computer. Less face-to-face time, but a lot of time to go over connectivity data, fleet information, obtain feedback on new programs.
  • Understand the relevance of your products: Low utilization is not the same as no utilization.
  • Efficiency of asset utilization means more than ever now, meaning that downtime is less affordable than ever.
  • Maximize resale value: If a customer needs to sell an asset covered by Extended Warranty and/or Service Contract – make transfer seamless. Provide and explain options to the customer. Use as an opportunity to obtain a new customer.

Alex Tumanov,Regional Distribution Manager, Energy and Transportation – North America,Caterpillar Financial Insurance Services


Organizational Analysis – KPI’s and Benchmarking for Continued Success

This presentation will focus on the Field Service transformation which has taken place at McAfee. By developing clear objectives the organization has evolved over time. As the goals and objectives change, we adopt and focus on KPI’s which are best suited to properly monitoring our business. At this point in our journey, we have completed a thorough review of our organization through a benchmarking exercise which will shape our future direction.

  • Development and use of KPI’s to drive/measure change
    • Internal
    • Cross functionally with Key dependencies
  • Benchmarking
    • Assess overall organization
  • Continual improvement

Jim McKeon,Director of Field Services and Operations,McAfee


Driving Cost Reductions Through Analytics

While Cisco has focused on warranty and service cost reductions over the past few years, there was a need to further develop data analytics. Through enhanced analytics and connection with the Cost of Quality model, teams are now measured and held accountable for business success. Through cross collaboration with Operations, Finance, Supply Chain, and Product Management cost savings tools were developed to allow teams to interpret cost data efficiently and effectively. This has led to increased visibility to cost structures and numerous cost saving initiatives.

  • Why this was critical to Cisco and more importantly to our customers
  • Connections between analytics and P&L impacts
  • Challenges of overall engagement and acceptance of responsibility
  • Data interpretation challenges and how to overcome

Sarah Fink,Warranty and Royalty Controller,Cisco

Charlotte Keppler, Warranty Manager,Cisco


Avoiding Warranty Claims: Engineer Like You Own It

It is rare for a custom designed capital asset to survive its warranty period without a claim. The reason is often due to design issues that arise early in the engineering process. The problem isn’t the engineering, it’s the supplier’s incomplete understanding of the asset’s intended use and the real world environment where it is to be placed. Early and collaborative engagement between the supplier and the buyer on unwritten requirements can improve design choices – frequently without significant added cost – resulting in a more robust solution, that experiences less downtime and fewer warranty claims.

  • The financial impact of downtime due to warrantied failures can approach the amount spent on the asset. Buyers have a strong incentive to collaborate with suppliers to eliminate warranty claims – and keep systems operating.
  • The cost of warranty service to suppliers erodes profit margins and ties up critical engineering resources. Suppliers also have a strong incentive to design solutions that don’t fail.
  • Suppliers that act like owners become more like partners for buyers, delivering value to both parties (lower cost of sales for suppliers, reduced schedule and more predictable ROI for buyers).

Peter Kalish,Director of Business Development,Ramboll


Risk Management Strategies for B2B Programs

This session will explore various insurance and other risk transfer mechanisms available to B2B service contract programs while still accounting for the diverse regulatory landscape of B2B Service Contracts.

Jesse Wilson,Managing Associate,Frost Brown Todd LLC

Ellis Wilder,Senior Associate,Frost Brown Todd LLC

Matthew R. Wagner, Associate,Frost Brown Todd LLC


Close of Module #9

Module #10
Thursday, October 15, 2020 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. ET
Continued: Business to Business Commercial Service Contracts Track

Benchmarks to Optimize & Maximize Sales of Extended Warranty and Service Contract Programs

This presentation will examine the strategies that companies can pursue to increase sales of extended warranty and service contract programs. Benchmark data from a 2020 survey conducted by Mize comparing industry average to best in class performance will be presented. The presentation will also explore how various elements of the service marketing mix (e.g., pricing, portfolio, terms & conditions, etc.) and service delivery infrastructure help or hinder performance indicators.

  • Key performance indicators associated with selling extended warranties
  • Results of 2020 Benchmark Survey on Best Practices in Marketing & Selling Service Contracts
  • Understand issues and challenges to selling of extended warranty
  • Best strategies for increasing extended warranty and service contract revenue

Gary Serbousek,Senior Product Manager,M-ize


Financial Impact of Multi-Year B2B Service Agreements

  • Employment of a portfolio or individual agreements accounts
  • Creation of asset and liability accounts by the owner of the long term service agreement
  • Establishing revenue and cost accrual accounts
  • Recognizing revenues and costs for unknown and known events
  • Amendments and adjustments
  • Renewal roll-over
  • Impairment reserves

Ron Giuntini,President,Giuntini & Company


How Palo Alto Networks Plans Aftermarket Parts Employed in Global Service Agreements

  • Review global parts network and the employment of a 3PL in support of 170 global locations
  • SLA commitments for each agreement type
  • Challenges encountered in meeting obligations to customers and optimizing parts inventory investment:
  • new product launches
  • 'cold' parts supply chains
  • ensuring adequate parts availability for new service agreement commitments

Jonathan D.K. Morgan,Sr. Director, Demand, Inventory & Spares Planning,Palo Alto Networks


Close of B2B Commercial Service Contract Track