Speaker Presentations
October 18, 2021

Networking Breakfast


Co-Chairpersons’ Welcome and Opening Remarks: Innovation & Creativity

Lindsey Mannix,Account Management,Clyde

Erik Hickly,Senior Program Manager,Microsoft

Marketing, Sales & New Product Development: Differentiation Strategies to Thrive & Succeed

What is the Future of Warranty? Integration into the Ownership Experience to Foster Lifelong Consumer Relationships

It’s time to change the strategy around warranties. Traditionally, warranties have focused on selling different plan options to give consumers peace of mind about their purchases. But today’s modern consumer expects something more – a holistic product and owner care experience that sets the foundation for a lifelong relationship. Join Registria experts and special guest Nick Palmer from iFit as we share data-backed insights that illuminate what consumers are really looking for and how your brand can best support them throughout the ownership experience.
The collective thinking from the panel of experts will share:

  • Why it is critical to reimagine the role of warranties
  • What experiences and benefits consumers really want from brands
  • How increasing peace of mind throughout the ownership experience will transform relationships with your owners

Nick Palmer, Director of Universal Technical Services,iFit Health & Fitness

Alison Parr, SVP Consumer Durables and Electronics,Registria

Daniel Cantafi, SVP Sales and Account Development,Registria


Panel Discussion: Shifting to DTC Marketing & Consumer Experience -- Engaging Customers Across the Ownership Cycle


Chad Burris,Product Protection Program Manager,Nationwide Marketing Group


Jesse Wilson,Partner,Frost Brown Todd LLC

Patrick Scheen,CEO,Accentf(x) Marketing

Dan Tafel,Vice President, Sales & Marketing,Hornbeam Insurance


Direct-to-Consumer: Building a Brand Driven Omnichannel Customer Experience for Online and Offline Engagement

The industry is shifting.  Customers want direct relationships with brands they know and trust.  But how does your company switch gears and market directly to the consumer?  Why is a brand important and how do you build a loyal following of brand advocates? It’s more than the name and colors. Learn the importance of omnichannel customer experience, online and offline engagement, and a culture built on brand values.

Clarence Bethea,CEO and Founder,Upsie

Chris Penn,Vice President – Client Services,Centricity


Industry News Flash: Auto & Light Trucks

Eric Arnum,Editor,Warranty Week


Getting Their Attention: The Art of Marketing Your Warranty Solutions to Customers

In the constant fight for customers’ attention, how can warranties play their part in winning eyeballs, clicks and purchases?  We take a look at how the largest players in the industry market their warranty offerings, and also view at how some independent retailers are winning by including warranties in their marketing efforts.

Chad Burris,Product Protection Program Manager,Nationwide Marketing Group


Networking Refreshment Break


Consumer Trends in 10

Chris Penn,Vice President – Client Services,Centricity


Driving Customer Loyalty through a Long-Term, Customer Centric Approach

We will focus on continuing to evolve our industry from a transaction-based approach to a more customer-centric approach, building increased trust and loyalty with our customers. We will also walk through examples of companies that have successfully moved to a more loyalty-based approach and how this has benefitted them. We will relate these examples to things we can do in our industry to maximize loyalty.

Geoff Dalton,Director, US Accounts,Domestic & General


VSC’s for Battery Electric Vehicles – The Coming Trend

Automotive OEMs are increasing their commitment to the transition from their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) lineup to a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) lineup. What are the implications with minimal powertrain issues and longer Battery coverage? Should battery degradation be a part of the coverage? This session will discuss the immaturity of available data and the upcoming decisions in implementing a VSC product.

Erick Gonzalez,Director, Strategy and Sales Planning,Hyundai Capital America

Gregory Myers,Executive Managing Director,Beecher Carlson

Jeremy Richardson,Senior Vice President, Actuary,Beecher Carlson


Consumer Insurance and Service Contracts -- Global / International View

The pandemic saw an unprecedented shutdown of markets and businesses globally. Stay-at-home orders resulted in furloughs, staffing reductions and business closures. Vehicle sales sharply declined as did the preferred retail channel of consumer insurance and service contracts through dealer networks. The automotive market was shaken to its core and fighting to survive.

However, after every storm comes new light and perhaps even a few silver linings in the remaining dark clouds. Those able to reinvent themselves beyond the traditional products and channels will recover and possibly flourish. Those that do not, will struggle.

In this segment we will share global insights on tools and strategies to help overcome the obstacles facing us today: vehicle inventory shortages, higher consumer purchase prices, higher used car prices, inflation, limited advance (LTV) and reduced incentive budgets.

Michael Huff,President,Nissan Global Reinsurance, Ltd.


Networking Luncheon


Industry-Specific Roundtable Discussion Groups

A. Mobile & Electronics

Group Leader:

Michelle Esgar,Senior Group Manager, Marketing and Brand Experience, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company

B. Auto & Light Truck

Group Leader:

Tom MillerVoluntary Protection Products Group ManagerToyota Financial Services

C. Home & Appliance

Group Leaders:

Lindsey MannixAccount Management, Clyde

D. Other Special Markets

Group Leader:

Chris Penn,Vice President – Client Services,Centricity

Game Changing Technology Innovations – Creating a Long-term, Frictionless Customer Experience

Big Data in the Warranty Space: Click-by-by-Click Checkout Mapping & Attach Rate Insights

At Clyde, we’re aggregating data to provide our merchants with valuable intel into customer behavior. From reporting on attach rates to click-by-click checkout mapping of a customer’s journey, we have insight into what levers to pull at every turn. As a true strategic partner, we’re helping retailers make better products based on their warranty data. It’s these insights that are turning first-time buyers into brand evangelists, while driving revenue along the way.

Brandon Gell, CEO & Co-founder,Clyde


Industry News Flash: Mobile & Electronics

Eric Arnum,Editor, Warranty Week


Panel Discussion: Implementing Emerging Technology Solutions


Mark Nagelvoort,President & CEO, PCMI


Aleem Lakhani,Executive Vice President of Special Risk Division, AmTrust Financial Services

Alex Tumanov,Distribution Manager, Energy & Transportation,Caterpillar Financial Aftermarket Solutions


Networking Refreshment Break


Leveraging Innovative Tech to Overcome the Entry Barrier for Offering Extended Warranties

  • In this case study After, Inc. will share how technology advancements allow companies to offer extended warranties that previously couldn’t participate in this important sale
  • Accessibility for retailers and 3rd party sellers
  • Seamless integration
  • Increased revenue and customer retention

Jon Margalit,SVP,Sales & MarketingAfter, Inc.


Harnessing the Power of AI to Drive Value from IOT (Internet of Things)

Investments in the Internet of Things are expected to triple by 2025, but are companies investing in the right things?  In the age of IoT we have more data on our customers, processes, and product performance than ever before.  But how do we drive value from it?  According to a recent IDC study, 73% of IoT projects that include Artificial Intelligence exceeded expectations, versus 53% that did not.  From manufacturing to marketing, from sales to service, we have the data, but how we use it makes the difference.  AI makes the difference.

This presentation will highlight real-world examples of companies harnessing the power of AI to reduce warranty costs, improve uptime, maximize yield, and create new business models.

David Froning,Portfolio Manager of IOT Solutions,SAS


Networking Reception in the Expo Hall

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October 19, 2021

Networking Breakfast


Co-Chairpersons’ Opening Remarks

Lindsey Mannix,Account Management,Clyde

Erik Hickly,Senior Program Manager,Microsoft


Service Contracts 2030: Servitization and Other Innovations in Service Contracts to Adapt Now

Servitization – the Product as a Service model (Servitization) has been accentuated this year due to the Pandemic and digitization of products and services. Several innovations have evolved to make manufacturers utilize Service Contracts as additional revenue sources. This presentation will dive into some of those innovations.

  • Adapt your subscription models beyond break-fix
  • Utilize connected products (IoT) in your service contracts
  • Accelerate remote and touchless service delivery
  • Maximize the attach rates and profitability by using dynamic pricing

Ashok Kartham,CEO,Mize


Home Warranty Administration: Q&A Session on Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Providing excellent customer servicing and support to those who purchase a home warranty is the most important responsibility of an Administrator. The most pressing questions in the industry are: What do companies expect from an administrator? What makes a successful home warranty program? What is needed to provide best-in-class customer service? AIG Leadership will conduct a Q&A session exploring client requirements and consumer needs regarding home warranty contract administration and provide an open forum to share best practices to continue to increase quality customer service in the industry.

Chrisie DortonVP of U.S Accounts, AIG

Greg LeonbergerChief Operating Officer, U.S., AIG

Customer Experience: Tracking and Managing the Full Customer Journey to Expand Market Share & Boost Retention

Panel Discussion: What a Unified Post-Sale Experience Means for Customer Satisfaction


Dan HulkowerSVP, After, Inc.


Darius Bullock Services Business Development Director, Pentair

Gary Mitzner President – North American Region, Domestic & General


The Rising Tide That Lifts All Ships: CX & the Warranty Ecosystem

It's a truism to say that CX is the new battleground where companies are duking it out and differentiating themselves. CX is critical to the warranty ecosystem as the journey is fragmented across retailers/brands, manufacturers, third party administrators and service providers. If just one of those entities "drops the ball" when it comes to CX, customers are left feeling disappointed and are much less likely to buy another warranty in the future and may incorrectly associate negativity or negative reviews with the wrong entity. All entities need to prioritize and offer a strong CX to thrive. Come learn how New Leaf, CSG and retailers are partnering to drive CX innovation throughout the warranty ecosystem.

Jason Kuhn Executive Director of Field Service Management, CSG

Sean M. Hicks CEO & Co-Founder, New Leaf Service Contracts, Inc.


Networking Refreshment Break


Industry News Flash: Home/Appliance

Eric ArnumEditor, Warranty Week


An AI-First Approach to Optimize Extended Warranty Pricing and Profitability

Samantha HortonSr. Business Analyst,Tavant

Petchiraj PiramuthuSr. Director Analytics,Tavant


Case Study: Build Brand Loyalty and Future Revenue Streams Through Subscription and Added- Value Service Programs

With diluted channel sales and privacy restrictions, first party data has become essential to manufacturing brands. But successfully driving warranty registration is a challenge. In this session, we’ll walk through how Panasonic is focusing on value-add programs for customers that incentivize registration, build customer relationships and set the stage for future sales growth.

Michelle Esgar,Senior Group Manager, Marketing and Brand Experience, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company


Why Warranty is the New Frontier in Customer Service

Transform the customer experience. Your warranty and claims data hold powerful insights about your business that can be used to shape better customer experiences. But the problem is that most companies struggle to mine and analyze data in a way that turns information into actionable recommendations. In this session, we’ll share practical advice for (easily) decoding and leveraging data in a way that will have a major impact on your service organization and beyond. You’ll learn how artificial intelligence can help warranty leaders:

  • Get deep insights into how your service team or third party service provider behavior impacts performance
  • Update your stale warranty processes with real-time intelligence, driving efficiency and savings
  • Identify service, product, and quality trends that make or break customer relationships
  • Provide valuable information to stakeholders across product development, marketing, and sales

Sidney Lara,Service Principal, Aquant


Networking Lunch


Panel Discussion: Supporting the Connected Customer

This panel will address recent trends in the smart home/connected device space, identify customer needs using smart technology, and how to address these needs through customer support or solutions to make life simpler.
Topics include:

  • What does a “connected customer” look like today? How are customers using this technology to stay connected and improving their lifestyles?
    • Intelligent Home automation
    • Home Security
    • Home Entertainment
    • Smart Device Management/Platforms
  • How are customers being supported today, and what needs exist to support this growing trend?


Steve Davidson,Vice President of Consumer Products Warranty Sales,Fortegra


Jim Hare,Vice President and General Manager of Field Service Management,CSG

Darius Bullock,Services Business Development Director,Pentair


Networking Refreshment Break

Ensuring Compliance in the Changing Legal & Regulatory Climate

Operating in the Hazy Gray of Extended Warranty and Insurance Regulation

In this session, FBT will be discussing issues surrounding the important distinctions between extended warranties, insurance and [arguably] unregulated products. In an effort to expand market base and reach new consumers, businesses are constantly creating new coverages and products to market to their customers. In some cases, these new products can easily deviate from the common extended warranty features to offer benefits that could intrude into the highly regulated world of insurance. In other cases, these new products are arguably unregulated under the traditional application of the law. In either instance, there are key program characteristics that companies should consider to help them navigate the hazy and often razor thin edges between the worlds of high, low and no regulation.  Join us for this discussion where we explore some of the common approaches to identifying and addressing these issues.

Jesse Wilson,Partner,Frost Brown Todd LLC


Panel Discussion: Emerging Regulations Impacting the Extended Warranty & Service Contract Business

  • Telemarketing
  • Consumer Protection
  • Privacy Laws
  • Insurtech Business Models


Diane Greene,Vice President, Chief Legal Officer,GSFSGroup


Brian T. Casey, Esq.,Partner, Co-Chair of Regulatory & Transactional Insurance Practice Group,Locke Lord LLP

Timothy J. Meenan,Managing Partner, Meenan P.A.; General Counsel and Executive Director,SCIC (Service Contract Industry Council)


State and Federal Regulatory Changes Impacting the Service Contract Industry

Many states amended laws affecting auto, home and consumer service contracts this year, are you up to date?   The Federal Government continues to move forward with issues affecting the protection products industry through both legislation and action at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  This action packed seminar will review these current developments at the Federal and State level, and will look around the corner at what may be coming as we finish out 2021 and enter 2022.

Timothy J. Meenan,Managing Partner, Meenan P.A.; General Counsel and Executive Director,SCIC (Service Contract Industry Council)


Close of Conference