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Day 1 – Wednesday, September 13, 2017
7:00 AM
Registration & Continental Breakfast
Sponsored by Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations

8:00 AM
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Timothy J. Meenan, Senior Partner, Meenan P.A.; General Counsel and Executive Director, SCIC (Service Contract Industry Council)

8:10 AM
Opening Keynote:
Best Practices for Merchandising Extended Warranties Online and Driving Customer-focused Innovation

This session will provide an overview of Amazon’s extended warranty program for devices (Fire tablets, Kindle e-readers, Fire TV, and Echo) and discuss some of the unique challenges and opportunities that Amazon faces in the extended warranty space. It will review both the high level approach that Amazon applies to drive customer-focused innovation, as well as specific examples of online merchandising tactics, with the goal of sharing best practices for building a customer-centric innovation culture and merchandising extended warranties online.

  • Overview of Amazon’s customer-obsessed approach for driving innovation
  • Discussion of the unique challenges and opportunities that Amazon has with its extended warranty program for devices
  • Examples of best practices for merchandising extended warranties online

David Gregory, Senior Product Manager, Device Accessories, Amazon

Disruptive Technology Innovations—How Connectivity is Transforming the Warranty and Service Contract Industry
8:45 AM
Warranty Transformation: How Embedded Devices Will Transform Our Industry - Are You Ready?

Embedded devices are underpinning the next digital revolution. It is estimated that there will be more than 50B devices by 2020, some estimates are as high as 212B. More than 1T devices are forecasted for 2035. Products are becoming smart(er). Estimates put the typical home with 500 connected devices by 2022.

The evolution of machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and machine-to-machine communications is yielding massive amounts of meaningful data with consequential impact for risk management, operations, customer engagement and new business models. Customers will increasingly demand for highly personalized solutions to address their need, inclusive of warranty. Are we ready for the warranty revolution?

This presentation will focus on how embedded devices will transform our industry and warrant us to engage more dynamically in the entire customer lifecycle with products and services. Specifically, it will explore how Platform-as-a-Service will underpin the transformation of how we support customers in a broader multifaceted eco-system. It will explore how key aspects of our business will need to change to be meaningful, if not necessary to survive.

Aleem Lakhani, EVP, AmTrust North America, AMT Warranty

9:15 AM
News Flash

State of the Industry: Mobile

Eric Arnum, Editor, Warranty Week

9:25 AM
Networking Refreshment Break
9:45 AM
InsurTech and Block Chain, the New New New Things You Need to Know

Understand of new insurtech disruptive business models and block chain technology and the opportunities and legal and regulatory implications they present and how they can be applied to the extended warranty and service contracts business:

  • Enhanced means for more secure digital transactions
  • Avoid being disintermediated
  • Improved supply chain connectivity
  • Smart contracts

Brian T. Casey, Esq., Partner, Co-Chair of Regulatory & Transactional Insurance Practice Group, Locke Lord LLP
Jim Slazas, Director of Financial Products, ConsenSys

10:15 AM
AI – The Future of Customer Experience

We are in a pivotal year for technology. Innovations today will change the way we interact with customers for years to come. The last shift this big was in 2007, when Steve Jobs opened up the iPhone- allowing companies to develop apps which provided instant access to billions of users.

Last year Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Messenger and every other messaging platform- did the same, allowing companies to build solutions within their platforms. Providing the same distribution effect Jobs' did in 2007- but without the additional friction of having to download and maintain a smartphone app. Can the Warranty industry really expect an app relationship with their customers? How can the industry leverage more self-service technology to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction?

The ChatBot revolution will allow Warranty providers to interact with customers, on existing applications- unlocking efficiencies and customer visibility that has never been possible before.

  • This session will share the data driving the “Smartphone Apps are Dead” hype
  • Learn about the explosion of messaging platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik and more.
  • Hear about the innovative companies who have deployed chatbots for customer service and their initial results.

Miguel Fernández, Founder, Claimbot

10:45 AM
Industry News Flash
How Venture Capital and Other Capital Infusions are Changing the Playing Field

Angie Tuglus, Executive Vice President, Ally Financial – Insurance Operations

Coverage: New Product Development & Pricing – Building Smart Warranties & Service Contracts
10:55 AM
How Historic Paradigms Can Limit Your Ability to See Growth Opportunities – A Nostalgic Industry Perspective

Steve Gusa, Sr. Director Channel Sales / Business Development for Protection Products, Sears Holdings Corporation

11:25 AM
Panel Discussion
Product Lifecycle: Developing Coverage, Pricing and Attaching Sales Both Online and Instore

  • How do you determine the coverage and type of service for a new product or category?
  • What exercise do you go through to set the retail price for the program?
  • What are your best practices for marketing a new program to consumers?
  • How do you grow attachment rates for online sales?
  • Capturing consumers after the point of sale – do you employ some kind of missed point of sale program?
  • Do you test programs before an official rollout?

Steve Gusa, Sr. Director Channel Sales / Business Development for Protection Products, Sears Holdings Corporation

Mark Shaw, Appliance Electronics Business Development Manager, Nebraska Furniture Mart
Jocelyn Getson, Vice President of Business Development, Centricity
Erik Hickly, Senior Offerings Manager, Microsoft

11:55 AM
Networking Lunch
12:55 PM
Using Technology to Optimize a “Best of Breed” Offering for Warranty and Extended Warranty programs

Discuss considerations and best practices used by technology companies to support Warranty and Extended Warranty programs. Review the different options available to support driving sales, service and administration of a program as well review how new technology such as connected devices and mobility is changing consumer expectations and impacting your technology strategy.

  1. Examine different options for technology, In house, Outsourced, Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, etc.
  2. Complexity, Flexibility, Security, Cost and Speed need to align with your corporate goals
  3. Get the most from your technology investment
  4. Add features to your program without getting bogged down

Daniel Raycroft, VP of Business Development, PCMI Corporation

1:35 PM
News Flash

State of the Industry: Electronics

Eric Arnum, Editor, Warranty Week

1:45 PM
The Great Equalizer: How Consumer Behavior Changes Across Industry Verticals and the Value Of Brand Perception

This session will explore how buying behavior for mobile and CE warranty / insurance products differs from other insurance verticals consumers may view as essential or required, such as Auto or Home, and how they compare to smaller verticals often perceived as nonessential. It will also look at consumer perceptions around brand and ways in which they are evolving and impacting purchase consideration.

  • Examine the current landscape with notable "needed" policies - home, auto, life
  • Discuss how learnings from these policies can affect other verticals that consumers may perceive as nonessential
  • Focusing on brand, versus white label, to influence consumer behavior

Jonathan Kyle, Senior Director, Channel Marketing, SquareTrade

2:15 PM
Networking Refreshment Break
2:35 PM
Reinsurance & Captives - The New Role of the Reinsurer

This session will provide a high level introduction into the use of reinsurers in the service contact industry and how the role of the reinsurer is changing. We will explore different uses of reinsurance and explore how reinsurers are adapting to changing demands.

  • An introduction into reinsurance
  • How reinsurance is used by dealers, administrators, TPAs and OEMs
  • Reinsurance as a disruptor
  • The changing reinsurer

Brian Feldman, Executive Vice President, Spencer Re

3:10 PM
News Flash

State of the Industry: Appliances

Eric Arnum, Editor, Warranty Week

Marketing, Distribution & Omni-Channel Communications
3:20 PM
Branding for Innovation

Companies in the service contract and insurance space are dedicating teams to “Innovation” which is essentially creating startups within a larger organization. Having decades of experience gives clients confidence, but demonstrating your ability to be forward thinking and constantly evolving is what gives them the assurance you will continue to be an industry leader and best in class partner. Being a pioneer in this industry means committing to innovation and to overcoming the challenges that accompany change.

This session will explore:

  • Examples of companies who are branding for innovation
  • Meeting the customer where they are; the new claims cycle
  • What we can learn from history

Dawn E. Morris, President, Centricity

3:50 PM
Panel Discussion
Channel Disruption - Strategies to Drive Service Contract Sales on Digital and Direct Channels

The panel of experts and senior executives from different industries will discuss strategies to drive service contract sales on digital and direct channels. The discussion will provide practical and effective models to leverage various marketing and sales channels to drive service contract sales, attach rates, and renewals. The panel discussion will focus on the topics such as:

  • Effective channel strategies to improve attach rate on service contracts
  • Best practices in utilizing digital channels such as web, email, mobile, and social networks for service contract sales
  • Enabling channel partners and sales teams to increase service contract sales
  • Improving collaboration and resolving channel conflicts
  • Maintaining accurate customer data and profiles to better target customers, timing and offers
  • Role of customer analytics to improve after-market revenues and renewals

Ashok Kartham, CEO, M-ize

David Gregory, Senior Product Manager, Device Accessories, Amazon
Larry King, General Manager, Global Extended Service Business, Ford Motor Company
Joseph Pesce, Co-founder & CEO, Over The Edge
David Pryor, Chief Marketing Officer, Safe-Guard Products International
Jim Mostofi, President of the Global Service Programs Division, AIG Insurance

4:30 PM
Top Ten Strategies for Optimizing Aftermarket Consumer Direct Campaigns

Aftermarket campaigns provide an effective platform for engaging and deepening customer relationships. Research consistently shows that consumers who purchase extended service contracts are typically more loyal, more frequent purchasers, and more satisfied with their purchases. In this presentation, we’ll share our ‘top ten’ strategies for optimizing direct-to-consumer aftermarket campaigns across campaign strategy, design, data analytics and cross-channel execution. Attendees will gain strategic and tactical insights into key levers that drive response, revenue and profitability results in direct marketing of extended service plans, consumables and accessories.

Christine Dorton, Manager, CRM and Direct Marketing, GE Appliances
Patrick Scheen, CEO, Accentf(x) Marketing

5:00 PM
Case Study: ICON Health & Fitness Quadruples Registration Rates by Using Photoregister

Mobile registration has helped the fitness manufacture quadruple their customer product registration data it collects, allowing ICON to significantly ramp up its cross-sales revenue, as well. Join Nick Palmer , director of ICON subsidiary and fitness equipment extended service plan provider Universal Technical Services, as he walks through the journey from discovery to company-wide roll-out by using a new innovative way for customers to register their products.

  • Use mobile to simplify and improve the customer experience, as well as increase registration rates
  • Select data for lead scoring that predicts purchase propensity
  • Results from company-wide roll-out

Nick Palmer, Director, ICON Health and Fitness/UTS

5:30 PM
Networking Reception
Sponsored by Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations

Day 2 – Thursday, September 14, 2017
7:00 AM
Networking Continental Breakfast
8:00 AM
Chairperson’s Remarks

Timothy J. Meenan, Senior Partner, Meenan P.A.; General Counsel and Executive Director, SCIC (Service Contract Industry Council)

Legal & Regulatory Compliance – What You Must Know
8:10 AM
Updates and Changes in State and National Law – Trends and Precedents Impacting the Industry

This session will briefly describe recent legislative activity and trends for the service contract industry, including automotive, consumer goods and home service contracts. In addition to focusing on state activity, the session will also touch upon federal activity.

You will: 1. Gain a better knowledge of how our industry is regulated; 2. Understand legislative trends, and 3. Identify key compliance obstacles to support your business

Aaron Lunt, JD, CPCU, ARe, Assistant General Counsel, Head of Regulatory Affairs, The Warranty Group
Timothy J. Meenan, Senior Partner, Meenan P.A.; General Counsel and Executive Director, SCIC (Service Contract Industry Council)

8:40 AM
Extended Warranty/Service Contract Compliance & Enforcement Update – The Things That Keep You Up At Night

With the increasing emphasis of regulators on enforcement and assessment of penalties, effective compliance and implementation of appropriate policies, procedures and controls is essential to avoid problems that will keep you up at night. This session will explore:

  • Enforcement Issues and evolving threats
  • Compliance considerations and implementation
  • Overview of how to handle an enforcement action.

Jesse D. Wilson, Member, Frost Brown Todd LLC
Greg E. Mitchell, Esq., Member, Chair of Insurance Industry Group, Frost Brown Todd LLC

9:10 AM
Networking Refreshment Break
Intermediary Partnerships/Relationships That Work
9:30 AM
Expanding Your Culture to be Innovation Partners

As your innovation culture matures, developing partnerships with diverse groups is key to generating excitement and collaboration, driving forward business ideas you never knew were possible.

Last year we challenged ourselves to take innovation to the next level and expand our sphere of influence. We’ve crossed boundaries throughout the entire organization to build new partnerships and implement change via idea sharing. This results in mutual benefits for all.

We will discuss both the challenges and rewards we faced on this journey.

  • How to use collaboration to bring your partners to the innovation table
  • Overcoming the “No” mentality through interactive immersion
  • Inexpensive ways to use technology to involve your leadership team
  • Innovating in small, quick steps to sustain engagement

Lisa R. Ray, Senior Director, Claims, Ally
Kirsten Elsworth, Director of Analytics & Data Management, Ally Financial – Insurance Operations

10:00 AM
News Flash:

State of the Industry: Automotive

Eric Arnum, Editor, Warranty Week

10:10 AM
Successful Partnerships in the OEM F&I Space

Hear from the Chevy-Buick-GMC and Cadillac Protection director and their insurance/administration partner AmTrust/AMT about how they make their partnership work well together through both formal and informal means. This session can provide food for thought about new business relationships, added relationships, and changing relationships for your service contract business.

  • Benchmarking tips for effective working arrangements
  • Relationship transparency…a two-way street
  • Understanding mutual WIIFMS and available choices
  • Driving for continual improvement and innovation together

Kenneth J. Mac, Director, Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Cadillac Protection, GM Customer Care & Aftersales
Sean Stapleton, CEO and President, AMT Warranty Corporation, an AmTrust Financial Company

Customer Engagement/Experience
10:40 AM
Customer Engagement: Tools and Strategies That Work

Darius Bullock, Senior Business Manager, Extended Warranty Service Agreements - Electrolux North America
Patrick Scheen, CEO, Accentf(x) Marketing

11:10 AM
Surface Studio and In-Home Service, What We Didn’t Expect To Learn

Erik Hickly, Senior Offerings Manager, Microsoft

11:40 AM
Love ’em or Lose ’em – Selling to the Millennial Generation

Millennials (the generation of people born between 1980 and 2000) will spend $65 billion this year and influence almost $1 trillion in consumer spending2, having passed the Baby Boomers with a market segment of over 92 million1. Do you know how to engage these young, tech-savvy, product-smart consumers in ways that will make them want to do business with you? Do you know what motivates them to make purchases? Is your organization able to adapt to the demands and challenges of this imaginative and inventive group?

  • The latest research in Millennial preferences for warranty and protection plans
  • The 5 biggest motivators for Millennial consumers of these plans
  • How to create and earn Millennial trust with warranty and protection plans
  • Predictions for the future of the Millennial customer

Rodney Rahl, General Manager, Nebraska Furniture Mart

12:10 PM
Close of Main Conference

Service Support & Operations Add-on Forum

September 14 - 15, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017
1:00 PM
Co-Chairpersons’ Welcome & Opening Remarks

Angie Tuglus, Executive Vice President, Ally Financial – Insurance Operations
Dawn E. Morris, President, Centricity

1:10 PM
Consumer Trends in Ten

Jocelyn Getson, Vice President of Business Development, Centricity

1:20 PM
It’s Time to Rethink Customer Experience: Today’s Customers Demand More

Millennials, Amazon, omni-channel communications have changed customer expectations. The old ways of business will not satisfy today’s customers. They demand more. Faster. Better. Easier. In this presentation, the goal is to challenge how you think warranty companies provide service and make profits, to view customer experience holistically across all touchpoints, and to plan how to meet the increasing expectations of customers.

  • Learn why it’s time now to rethink customer experience in order to acquire, retain, and satisfy warranty customers.
  • Explore ways to look at customer experience through an omni-channel lens.
  • Discover what customers really want and what key metrics will help you measure if you’re delivering it.

Julie Lohmeier, Managing Director, Marketing, Pivotal Home Solutions

1:55 PM
Cost Management and the Supply Chain – Parts and Logistics

  • Getting the right parts, fast, for claims service satisfaction

John Sessions, Director of Business Development, Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.
Stacy Golden, Director of Operations & Compliance, Former Sony Electronics Director of Operations, Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.
Mark Frye, Sr. Manager, Customer Support, Former Sony Electronics Senior Manager of Customer Support, Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

2:30 PM
Networking Refreshment Break
2:50 PM
New Technologies – Block Chain, Chat Box, Voice Activated, Natural Language, Machine Learning Across the Lifecycle of a Customer
3:25 PM
Using Customer Segmentation to Identify and Capitalize on New Markets

  • Defining Customer Segmentation & Demand to Boost Satisfaction and ROI
    • Tracking buying habits
    • Identifying products with and without warranties and attaching the right coverage
    • Understand segmentation and pricing
    • Identifying and converting customers to buy warranties

Trish Briscoe Myers, Senior Program Manager, EFG Companies

4:00 PM
Beyond Customer Service—Offering Services Outside the Contract Coverage

Sometimes customers need more than what the extended warranty or service contract can cover. You already have the processes, technology, and people to support your warranty or service contract business. Learn how to leverage existing assets to diversify service offerings outside of your core warranty and service contracts.

  • Provide a solution to your customers that goes beyond limitations
  • Diversification from extended warranty or service contract business
  • New source of revenue for your business
  • No reserves needed

Barbara D’Antonio, Senior Global Brand Manager, The Guardsman Division of The Valspar Corporation

4:35 PM
Close of Day One – Service Support & Operations Forum

Day 3 – Friday, September 15, 2017
8:00 AM
Continental Breakfast
9:00 AM
Co-Chairperson’s Remarks

Angie Tuglus, Executive Vice President, Ally Financial – Insurance Operations
Dawn E. Morris, President, Centricity

9:10 AM
Panel Discussion
Market Disruptors: Where the Warranty & Service Contract Industry is Going

Lee Senderov, VP & General Manager, Yourmechanic

Greg E. Mitchell, Esq., Member, Chair of Insurance Industry Group, Frost Brown Todd LLC
Daniel Raycroft, VP of Business Development, PCMI Corporation

9:50 AM
Warranty & Claims Analytics: One Businesses Approach to Solving Unique Problems Through Big Data Assisted Analysis

Chad Bernstein, CFA, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis, Hendrick Autoguard, Inc.

10:30 AM
Disruption in the Auto Services Space

Learn how a startup with less than a hundred people in Silicon Valley is uprooting the $300+ billion aftermarket automotive industry for customers and business alike. This session will provide insight and actionable ideas for handling, and winning, in the technology-based service industry.

YourMechanic started with a handful of engineers with a dream to make car repair more transparent and convenient, and in under five years has grown from providing service in San Francisco to nationwide. In it's fifth year, the company is looking beyond their consumer business and launching new services to solve problems for the entire aftermarket industry, from fleet managers to independent dealerships.

  • Learn how the service industry is changing
  • Learn what younger millennials want with regards to service
  • Learn how service disruption helps reduce costs for warranty companies

Lee Senderov, VP & General Manager, Yourmechanic

11:10 AM
Refreshment and Networking Break
11:30 AM
Pay What You Owe and Not a Penny More: Eliminating Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Traditional approaches of identifying suspicious claims are no longer effective. Analytics provide the most comprehensive protection against fraud, waste, and abuse. This presentation provides a methodology to accurately score individual claims and service providers, allowing you to focus resources, reduce costs, pay claims faster, and build stronger relationships with customers.

Participants will learn the following:

  • Analytical methodologies that provide comprehensive protection against fraud, waste, abuse
  • Best practices for leveraging analytics in warranty and service contracts
  • Case study results of using analytics for fraud detection

David Froning, Global Product Manager for Service & Quality, SAS

12:10 PM
Close of Conference

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Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations

Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations

Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations

Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations

Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations

Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations

Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations

Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations


Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations

Extended Warranty and Service Contract Innovations